The Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, VVD) is a political party founded on the liberal philosophy. Its aim is to further the free intellectual and social development of each individual, without making distinctions according to religious or ideological conviction, nationality, sex, race, colour of skin or language. Central to its beliefs is freedom of choice for everyone.

The VVD is the largest political party in the Netherlands. At this moment, the VVD leads the opinion polls again, which bodes well for the forthcoming elections.

The VVD is a purely political grouping, unlike the ‘confessional’ parties whose political objectives are founded on religious convictions. What is more, the VVD also stands apart from the other non-confessional parties because it emphasises the free intellectual and social development of the individual. In its philosophy, the government is regarded as the servant of society.

The VVD believes that the government’s role is important, although not central, and it is not a goal in itself. In other words, the VVD wants everyone to have equal opportunities for development but, at the same time, it believes that those who earn more through hard work and those who develop their talents or take more responsibility upon themselves, should be better rewarded.

The VVD is a people’s party, a party that wishes to serve the interests of the Dutch nation as a whole. It is not, nor does it want to be the political spokesman of a certain segment of the population or special-interest groups. The VVD can therefore be considered as a truly national party, a party for all. During the general election in 2010, the VVD became the largest political party in the Netherlands, It became apparent from the results that VVD supporters can be found in nearly every segment of the population.

The VVD takes its place among confessional parties that apply their religious background to the development of their political policy, and socialist parties wishing to give far too much power to the state and in so doing, reducing individual freedom. The VVD is dedicated to furthering its own social and dynamic policy aimed at the future.

International Contacts

As an active member of Liberal International (LI) and the ALDE Party, the VVD has close ties with other liberal parties all over the world. The International Secretariat of the VVD, led by Pieter van de Stadt, is responsible for maintaining these ties. The secretariat executes the Matra Political Parties Programme in Central and Eastern Europe and the Arab World to support our counterparts in the European Neighbourhood.

The International Secretariat also provides information and liaises between foreign contacts and the VVD.