From the 11th till the 15th of April the Friedrich Naumann foundation and VVD-International joined forces on a seminar for the Young Republicans in Georgia, The youth movement of the Republican party of Georgia.

22 participants attended the seminar, held in the beautiful mountain city of Sighnaghi in the eastern part of the country. During this seminar the former JOVD president Martijn Jonk and VVD-Trainer Sander Janssen trained the participants on organisation, vision and identity of youth movements.

Although Georgia is a country in the Caucasus and geological behind Turkey, the participants were more western in their ideas then most people think. And off course there are differences between the Georgian people and the Dutch, but since both sides worked open-minded result could be made.

After two days of training, workshops and discussion the group presented a new draft vision and mission document on their youth movement and their cooperation with their mother party. Then after a trip back in a bus with all the participants we arrived at the head office of the Republican party of Georgia in Tbilisi, where a delegation of the participants handedover the document to the national board.