On May 4th, VVD International and the Kosovarian liberal party AKR organised a seminar on political campaigns. As AKR prepares for local elections to be held later this year, some twenty young and inspired partymembers received a crashcourse in branding, messaging, online campaigning and campaign organisation.

As Europe’s youngest democracy, the Kosovarian political landscape is still very much in a state of transition. As are its society and economy. Decades of socialist authoritarianism and oppression have left deep traces. That does not, however, make Kosovo a depressed country. Quite the contrary. Kosovo is a country still struggling to overcome its past, but its people are characterized by hope and determination.

The young liberals we had the pleasure of offering a training exemplify this mindset. Their ideals and goals are clear: the past of socialism and oppression can only truly be overcome if Kosovo now firmly chooses for individual political and economical freedom. The rapidly modernizing capital, Prishtina, with proves that once the Kosovarian people again allow themselves to dream big, take risks and work hard, Kosovo’s future is indeed very bright.

The AKR’s challenge is to convince Kosovarians that individual political and economical freedom does not benefit only the ‘lucky few’, but everyone. In recent years the VVD has been very succesful in building a grand coalition of voters from all layers of Dutch society, so we were very pleased to be able to share some of our experience.