Train the trainer 2013

On Saturday the 22th of June, the annual ‘Train de trainer’ event took place in the VVD’s party headquarters in The Hague. All the international trainers of VVD International/Haya van Someren were invited to this day. The program covered several aspects of being an international trainer, the possibility of sharing experiences and also there was enough time to evaluate the current practices of the trainings of VVD international.

The day started with a lunch after which Jock Geselschap, the new International Secretary of the VVD board, opened the train de trainer day. Jock welcomed all the trainers and introduced the first speaker of the day; Berend-Jan van den Boomen. Berend-Jan is the former director of the Alfred Mozer Foundation and a knowledgeable international trainer of the PvdA, during this training he shared many practices of his trainings abroad. The main focus of this training was on cultural differences and practicalities concerning international trainings.

After a coffee break, the second part of the train the trainer day started. In the second interactive session, trainers were given the opportunity to share their experiences and evaluate their trainings, but also the preparation and evaluation of the trainings. The discussion was led by Jan-Paul van Staalduinen, an experienced Haya van Someren trainer in the Netherlands. During the discussion the trainers came up with ideas to help each other with for example the preparation by means of sharing their presentations directly. Overall, the discussion was very useful for the trainers.

Impressed by the knowledge and mostly the flexibility of all the trainers, the successful day ended with an informal drink.