The Balkan Liberal Network ISEEL organized a round table in Sofia, as a part of the “Legal Framework of the Ethnic and Religious Minority Rights“ Project.

The meeting included a discussion on pressing matters, related to the minority and human rights, the superiority of the law and their effect on the sense of freedom and security. And the major factor, benefiting the economic and social development of the Balkan countries. The aggravated condition of precisely these factors force a lot of citizens of South-Eastern Europe countries to emigrate westwards, further reducing the chances of proper development of their home country and increasing the tension within the European Union.

The two-day round table was a part of a number of conferences and discussions of the Balkan Liberal Network ISEEL dedicated to the social and economic development of this region and its European integration and it was organized in partnership with the governing People’s Party of Freedom and Democracy /VVD/ in the Netherlands. The forum was opened by VVD’s International Officer Wouter Schroer and chaired by the Network Coordinator – Stanislav Anastassov, International Secretary of the Youth Movement for Rights and Freedoms /DPS/, the participants presented their positions. The participants included delegates from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Within this year, the ISEEL will discuss in various formats and more aspects of the economic freedom and social security in the Balkan countries. Further, developing and establishing its network of economic contacts, helping young entrepreneurs in this region.

ISEEL Balkan Liberal Network is a platform of 13 Youth Organizations of liberal parties from 8 Balkan countries, established and chaired by the Youth Movement for Rights and Freedoms and it is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.