In May VVD international came to Moldova for a two day training on liberal values and principles. About 20 young liberals, who are part of the youth organization of the Liberal Party of the Republic of Moldova, participated. The aim of this training was to offer new knowledge to the participants, through interactive methods, like debates, working groups, creating posters and small games, like “The Golden Circle”.

The first day started with a presentation on different political movements, after which we had a discussion on political landscapes in general. Then, we spoke about political landscape; liberalism, trying to answer the questions, “What are the foundations of liberalism?” and “What is the difference between classical and modern liberalism?” Before the lunch break all the participants received a group assignment (making posters) titled “Moldova is a liberal country/Moldova is not a liberal country”, which they presented after the break. At the end of the first day, all participants prepared an elevator pitch, stating “I am a liberal because…” and gave their presentations in “The Golden Circle”. The aim of this exercise was to become more self-confident and to show this to other people.

On the second day we only had the training in the morning. We also worked in groups, making presentations and debating, like we did on the first day. The training ended after lunch, when the trainers left.

In these two days we spoke about liberalism in general and liberalism as an international movement. But we also considered the fact that each country is different and has its own problems. The Liberal Party of the Republic of Moldova promotes national values, the integration into the European Union, the historical truth and the battle against corruption. Besides this, the principal values of liberalism and the difference between liberalism and other political movements in the Netherlands and Moldova were explained to the participants.

The training was given by Lennart Salemink- Policy Advisor Dutch Parliament and Ivo ten Hagen- Alderman VVD in Hillegom.

This report is written by the youngest participant of the training, Andrei Arîcu, 15 year old.